Understanding The Different Forms Of Immigration

Posted on: 4 May 2022

Those thinking about immigration often assume it only applies to the process of becoming a citizen. However, the immigration process applies to several ways of coming to or staying in the U.S. Here are five types of statuses that immigration lawyers can help with.

Permanent Resident 

Suppose a person wants to live long-term in the U.S., but they don't want to surrender their citizenship in their home country. For example, permanent residency combined with travel zone privileges under an E.U. passport often makes business and personal travel much easier for folks who still need to go to Europe. Such a person would likely seek permanent resident status so they can have the best of both worlds.


Work-specific visas can be among the trickier ones to handle. This is because they almost always require sponsorship. A business has to sponsor the worker, and the employer usually has to prove the U.S. has an unmet need for the employee. Given the associated paperwork, both the employer and worker should each hire an immigration lawyer to handle the process.

Bear in mind that work visas often have time limits. A person may have to return to their country of origin and reapply if they reach the end of their visa period. However, someone staying long-term for a job should consider moving to permanent resident status or pursuing citizenship.

Family Sponsorship

Certain close family members of people already legally in the U.S. can request visas. For example, a spouse almost always has strong grounds for immigrating. The same applies to the genetic minor children of someone already here.

Notably, a sponsored family member may be limited in their work rights while in the U.S. However, you may be able to seek a change in your visa status if you wish to work.


Some immigrants are fleeing terrible conditions. While people often think of refugees as fleeing wars, there are many other justifications. Religious persecution is amongst the most common. Political persecution is common, too. Be aware that refugee status only lasts as long as the U.S. government believes the threat persists.

Criminal Victims and Witnesses

The government grants some visas to people fleeing intense crime, but these applications will undergo greater scrutiny. Abuse is a common reason, but gang intimidation is a credible argument, also. Human trafficking victims have grounds to apply for visas. Similarly, some witnesses to crimes may receive visas to protect them from retaliation and prevent witness tampering or intimidation in pending U.S. court cases.


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