A Guide to the Work of Immigration Lawyers

Posted on: 29 April 2021

Immigration has been a global phenomenon since the dawn of human civilization. In the modern world, immigration issues have gained relevance given the scale of trade, transport, and conflict issues. Governments try to regulate the flow of people in and out of a country through immigration law. Thus, you are likely to interact with immigration law if you are a businessperson, international student, a foreign worker, or refugee. In this intricate web of interactions, immigration attorneys represent individuals seeking counsel on immigration laws and obligations. 

When do you need an immigration attorney? 

Immigration law applies to various people living, working, studying, and seeking asylum in another nation. In a real sense, immigration law involves multiple legislations dealing with family law, business law, and criminal law. The scope of immigration law is very wide, and it requires a deep understanding. Subsequently, immigration attorneys provide legal representation to parties dealing with rights and obligations related to immigration law. 

In immigration law, the attorneys deal with the following categories of people:

  • Nationals and citizens
  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Non-immigrants visiting for a short period
  • Aliens or illegal immigrants
  • Immigrants sponsored to enter a country by family members and employers 

What services do immigration attorneys offer?

The type of services offered by immigration attorneys depends on the client and issue. First, immigration attorneys can guide on eligibility for a green card and its associated benefits. In this case, the lawyer will explain the qualification criteria for your children, partners, and parents, depending on your immigration status. Besides, the attorney helps you prepare the necessary evidence to prove your case. 

Then, the attorney guides asylum seekers. This process requires an attorney to convince the immigration authority to allow entrance as a discretionary relief. Furthermore, immigration attorneys deal with deportation issues. In particular, they can assist a convicted immigrant to file against removal or a deported person to reenter the country. Lastly, business entities engage attorneys to assist in processing immigration for employees and investors.  

What are the benefits of an immigration attorney?

Immigration attorneys help clients interpret the laws and analyze how it impacts them. The lawyers can identify and develop strategies that can work for the client. This approach can provide options in which someone can stay in a country after illegal entry. For example, the attorney can explain the dangers of deporting a political asylum seeker. More so, the attorneys help in preparing and filing necessary documents. The immigration process has numerous forms to fill and support evidence to provide. A mistake can be costly. Working with an immigration attorney will help you reduce potential errors with application documents. 

Immigration laws are entangled, and their processes complex. It is advisable to seek legal counsel from immigration attorneys to reduce the risks of rejected applications.  


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