How A Lawyer Can Help You With Your Immigration Paperwork

Posted on: 25 February 2019

You might already know that a lot of documents have to be filled out when you're applying for a visa or citizenship or when you're handling just about any type of immigration-related matter. When you're handling all of this paperwork, you can get a lot of help from a lawyer, such as those at The Ortiz Law Firm. Here are some examples.

Helping You Understand What You Need to Do

You might have heard that handling immigration and all of the paperwork that goes along with it can be complicated. While you may be given some instruction, it can still be difficult to understand every document that you have to fill out. An immigration lawyer can talk to you about your specific immigration situation and can help you determine which documents you need to fill out and which personal documents you need to send in.

Helping with Translating Your Documents

You may have trouble filling out your documents if English is not your native language. Additionally, you will need to have certain personal documents -- such as your birth certificate --  translated into English if they aren't already written in English. Many immigration lawyers speak more than one language or have staff members who speak languages other than English. If there isn't anyone in the office who speaks the same language that you speak, then your immigration lawyer should be able to set you up with a translator who can help.

Having Documents Checked Over

Once your documents have been completed, it's important to have them checked over by a lawyer. Then, your lawyer can make sure that there are no errors in your paperwork. Since errors in your paperwork can either result in your paperwork being returned to you or your immigration case being denied, it is very important to have someone who has experience with immigration law look over your paperwork before you send it in.

Sending Documents to the Right Place

After your documents have been completed and then checked over by a lawyer, it is time to send them in. Your lawyer will know where your documents should be sent and in what form they should be sent in. Following your attorney's advice about this will help you make sure that your documents end up where they need to be.

When filling out immigration paperwork, it really is a good idea to hire a lawyer. Along with doing other things for you, such as talking for you in court, your lawyer can help you with your immigration paperwork.


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